5 reasons to read cynosure

  1. “You see, I met you while looking for some magic recipes about how to love myself in a better way: got my heart cracked open due to breaking up with the love of my life, and I was lost, trying to heal my wounds and move on.

    So I found you, Sui. And I say, you kind of changed my life.

    I will always be thankful for that.

    Everything you write is like a thousand bells ringing into my soul.”

    Sabrina Lanzoni Gonçalves

  2. “Sui inspires me to love myself the way I am.”

    Beth Terry, Plastic-Free Crusader at MyPlasticFreeLife.com

  3. “Talking with Sui is like having someone passing you down a rope and shouting encouragement when you’re trying to scramble out of that dark abyss we sometimes fall into.”

    Amelia J. Wells, Activist at ThatFuckingHippy.info

  4. “Sui, reading your posts connects me more deeply to my inner self. Thank you.”

    Kirsten Ogden

  5. “Your posts always read like poetry to me.”

    Margarita Tartakovsky, MS, Associate Editor at Psych Central & Blogger at Weightless

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