Cloth vs. Disposable Diapers

Most parents today opt for disposable diapers — for various reasons. Disposable diapers are easy to put on, extra-absorbent, maintenance-free and less likely to leak, especially around the legs. Plan to spend about 15 dollars a week for name-brand disposable diapers for your newborn. However, many generic brands can cut your cost considerably, especially if you join a “club” that offers discounts for repeat purchases. As your baby gets older, you’ll need fewer diapers, so the cost will drop even more.

Cloth diapers have long been considered to be the less expensive route, but this may be changing. Prices for disposables have dropped in recent years, and discount coupons are common. If you use high-quality flannel or cotton diapers, cloth diapers may even be more expensive. Cloth diapers are reusable and do not have to be thrown away like disposables. However, cloth diapers may also not be as environmentally friendly as once thought; some experts suggest that washing cloth diapers results in as much pollution (with soap suds) as the plastic from disposables.

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You’ll probably use a large box of disposable diapers each week (average is about seven diapers per day for the first three years of the child’s life). If you use cloth diapers, you’ll need at least two dozen (24) to start, plus pins and plastic or cloth diaper covers. If you’re washing them yourself, you may need to rinse diapers two or three times to remove all traces of soap that may irritate your child’s skin.

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