Checklist: Choosing A Child-Care Provider

Questions To Ask Child-Care Providers
Initial Screening Questions You Might Ask By Telephone
Are you licensed and accredited?YesNo
What age groups do you care for?
What is the teacher-to-child ratio?
Do you provide transportation?YesNo
How do you handle late pickups?
What is your holiday/vacation schedule?
Do you provide meals?YesNo
How about snacks?YesNo
What do you charge?
Are there additional fees?YesNo
Do you offer financial aid?YesNo
Further Questions You Might Ask While Visiting The Facility
May I have a list of parents (references) I can contact regarding your care?YesNo
About The Staff
What training and education has the staff had?
Are all caregivers trained in CPR and first aid?YesNo
What is your staff turnover rate?
Do you have substitute caregivers?YesNo
Do you perform background checks on caregivers?YesNo
About Safety And Housekeeping
Are children supervised at all times?YesNo
How is access to children monitored?
How do you handle an emergency?
Do you have routine fire drills?YesNo
Are all hazardous materials safely and securely stored?
Where is food prepared and served?
How are these areas cleaned routinely?
Are diaper changing procedures sanitary?YesNo
Are diaper changing areas cleaned and disinfected routinely?YesNo
Are toys cleaned and disinfected routinely?YesNo
Do you require all staff and children to have up-to-date immunizations?YesNo
Where do the children nap?
Do you put infants on their backs to sleep?YesNo
About Care
Can I stop in any time to visit my child?YesNo
How often do you change diapers?
How do you assist with toilet training?
How do you deal with separation anxiety?
How do you discipline the children?
How do you handle sick children?
Could you explain your policies for when children can return after being ill?
Do you have an outside play area?YesNo
How often do the children play outdoors?
What activities do you have for the children?
Do you provide routine (formal or informal) progress reports and updates to parents?YesNo
Observations To Make While Visiting The Facility
Do the children seem happy?YesNo
Are the caregivers caring, encouraging, pleasant and approachable?YesNo
Are the children getting individual attention?YesNo
Is the facility clean, safe and organized? YesNo
Is the center bright and cheerful?YesNo
Is there a variety of entertainment options? YesNo
How do you keep the outside play area safe, secure and clean?
Are there age-appropriate toys?YesNo
Questions To Ask Parents Who Have Used The Facility
Is/was the caregiver reliable?YesNo
Does/did your child seem to like to go to this day care facility?YesNo
How does/did the caregiver interact with you?
How does/did the caregiver discipline your child?
If/when you reported a problem or complaint to the caregiver, was he or she receptive?YesNo
Would you recommend the caregiver?YesNo
Why or why not?
Questions To Ask Childcare Resource And Referral Program Or Licensing Office
What are the requirements a child-care provider must meet?
Are there any complaints about this child-care provider or this facility on record? YesNo
What is/are the complaints?
Questions To Ask Yourself In Making Your Final Decision
Does the childcare provider fit my time and financial constraints?YesNo
Will my child be happy with this caregiver and facility?YesNo
Can the caregiver address the individual needs of my child?YesNo
Does the caregiver have values similar to my own?YesNo
Am I comfortable with my final decision?YesNo
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