Easy tips for Celebrity Looking Nails

Nails are one of the most neglected parts of the body. There are many quick ways that can ensure your nails stay healthy and attractive. Here I’ll show you some quick tips to keeping your nails fresher and healthier for longer.

Try not to press too hard with the file and make sure you only file in one direction. Filing back and forth can damage the nail and can increase chipping and breaking.

Cuticle Treatment
Many of us have problems with skin breaking off in this area and leave it untreated. You can now buy cream or oil that will remove the dead skin around the area without you having to cut it away. Gently rub the cream or oil in the nail and around the cuticles. It keeps the moisture in the nails and safely removes any dead skin.

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Nail Whitening
Most of us end up with stains on our nails from many things; smoking can leave yellow stains on nails and the areas around the nails. This can be removed easily with oil that gently soaks up and removes stains like these, leaving your nails clean and fresh looking.

Nail Buffing
Nail buffing is one of the essential parts of a manicure as it gives you a flat and soft surface to paint on. Most nails are ridged but this can be easily fixed by buffing. A nail buffer has three or four surfaces, use them in order (see instructions) and your nails will be ridge free and shiny in no time.

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Top & Bottom coat
You can buy a top and bottom coat nail polish that you apply before you paint your nails and then again afterwards. This is sort of like a seal that keeps the polish on your nails and stops it from chipping easily. Just apply one coat before you paint your nails and then again once the color has dried.

Nail Polish
You can choose whatever color you like to paint your nails.  Remember to keep your polish remover to hand while you are painting your nails to clear up any mistakes. I find it useful to use cotton balls to dip in the remover and easily clean up any mistakes quickly.

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This will keep your nails in good condition and once you’re in a habit of treating them you will find their upkeep far less demanding. You don’t have to do all this at once but try to give your nails a full manicure using the steps above at least once a month.

Now you are ready for your own Oscar party.  I’ll see you on the Red carpet

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