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This morning, as I poured myself another cup of tea– pomegranate white from Trader Joe’s– I contemplated this holding back that we do, this thing that we do to ourselves.

I remembered standing in Trader Joe’s, contemplating the four teas that I’d just put into my basket. Ginger, pomegranate white, ginger pear white, yerba mate.

Do you really need all of these? Why not just buy one box at a time, or just two, to have ginger and try just one new?

In response, I put all but two– the ginger and pomegranate white– back on the shelves. (Yes, the pomegranate white does sound good, but the ginger pear white has ginger, the ginger pear white sounds intriguing!)

  belonging is the very best thing there is : cynosure : love + inspiration by sui solitaire

I didn’t take a single step from the tea aisle before I grabbed the box of ginger pear white and threw it back into the plastic red basket.

This is what I was thinking as the water for my tea was slowly heating: Holding back is the worst form of compromise.

Holding back is compromise, and
compromise means half-assing your needs.

I wrote about fuzzy red socks, sadness, self-care, happiness, and butternut squash today on the Letter.

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