Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

There are a variety of home remedies for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins in the rectum and anal area that swell up when there is strain on the bowel. They are painful and can burn and itch. They can stretch and rupture, causing them to bleed. Usually people with this condition will see blood in their stool or on their tissue paper. Hemorrhoids are extremely common around the world and people from every walk of life experience them.

They can cause a lot of burning, bleeding, pain and itching. It can become very uncomfortable for someone to walk or sit for long periods of time. Most of the time, hemorrhoids are common with countries that have a strong economy and technology presence. Today, many of us sit up to eight hours a day in an office or home office. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can create all kinds of problems and hemorrhoids are one of them. Other causes include straining through constipation. This is because there is so much pressure applied onto the bowel and rectum when trying to pass any stool for relief. Constipation is when stool hardens and becomes blocked up in bowel. This can also be a painful experience for many.

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Hemorrhoids can be internal or external. The external hemorrhoids can be felt and also unfortunately scratched when wiping. They will appear to be a blueish green type of lump in the skin. Internal hemorrhoids are usually painless, but there could still be bleeding that occurs.

There are many causes for the development of hemorrhoids such as obesity, excessive alcohol or caffeine, a poor diet, bodily stress, as mentioned before, strain. You can prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids by eating a healthy diet of vegetables, fiber, and fruits. Drink a lot of water to soften stool so it is not painful to pass.

There are some fabulous home remedies for hemorrhoids and they are known as:

  • Witch Hazel. This liquid can be bought in most pharmacies and is a life saver. When applied, it can cool the hemorrhoids and reduce them in size. Witch Hazel is best known for cuts, scrapes, bruising and burning and helps get rid of pain fast.
  • Sitz Bath. This is when someone sits in warm water a few times a day. It can decrease pain and help to shrink the hemorrhoids.
  • Ice can be a great healer. It is greatly used to help with hemorrhoid pain and can cause the blood flow to slow in the veins.
  • Use Aloe Vera and apply it directly onto the hemorrhoids for a cooling sensation and burning relief.
  • Try mixing bayberry, goldenseal root, white oak and myrrh into a paste form and apply.
  • Try using warm tea and applying it to the area. This will also provide hemorrhoid relief.
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If you are having immense pain and a large amount of bleeding, maybe it is a good idea to visit your doctor. A doctor can either prescribe you a medication such as an anti-inflammatory, or they can recommend other home remedies for hemorrhoids. Obviously, the best hemorrhoid home treatment is prevention which can be achieved with both exercise and a healthy diet.

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