How to Clean Kid’s Bedrooms

Kids are notoriously messy and their rooms can very quickly turn from a place of light play and rest to a disaster zone. Often, there are such big messes that you don’t know where to start. There are stickers everywhere, including the walls, and you might not even want to think about the bacteria in those stuffed animals that have been chewed on, stomped on, and thrown around, only to be left lying on the floor. Yes, cleaning a child’s room can seem like an overwhelming task but there are a few things that can be done to make the task a little more manageable.

When trying to remove a sticker, first peel off as much of the sticker as possible using your fingernails. Then turn on a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting it has. Move the blow dryer over the sticker, while trying to peel off the rest of the sticker at the same time. Ben Gay ointment, WD-40, fingernail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, and peanut butter will all also work.

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Cleaning stuffed animals can seem like a baffling task. But most of them can be cleaned in the washing machine. First place them in a pillow case and then tie the top so that it will remain tied up in the washer. If a cuddly has a seam that is torn, do not place it in the washing machine as this can ruin the stuffing inside. Animals that also make sounds should also not be placed in the washing machine or dryer as this will most likely ruin the mechanics of the stuffed animal. For these types of stuffed animals, simply wash soiled areas with a soapy wash cloth and then rinse. If a doll or animal has plastic parts, such as hands or a face, these can be placed in a washing machine but should not be placed in the dryer.

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Another way to clean stuffed animals is to place them all in the freezer. This will kill any of the bacteria on them. Then place them all in the dryer to shake off the bacteria that was just killed.

One way to keep a child’s room very tidy is to put half of their toys in storage. Most kids have too many toys anyway and this way, they won’t get bored with them and their room will be cleaner as well! Choose containers to put toys away in and make it a craft project for the whole family that everyone decorates one storage bin. Then label them with things such as, “Mr. Potato Head,”  “Legos,” and “Doll clothes.” This will encourage children to put their toys away in the beautiful boxes they have created!

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You can also place hooks and pegs around the room for items that can be hung. These can be used for bags to store things in, or for clothes. Also place bookshelves wherever you can in a child’s room. These can be great homes for toys and it will save the floor from being constantly littered with playthings.

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