How to Dress Like a Red Carpet Couple

We have seen many celebrities who walk on red carpet and we wish to dress like a red carpet couple, just like one of them. We don’t have to be like Jessica Biel or any other celebrity who have brunette or blonde hair or fair skin. But you surely need to know the exact colors which flatter your skin and hair best. Don’t think that few particular colors will suit you, try other colors which enhances with your skin tone, eyes and body.

For brunette one can go for warm colors like red and coral, which suits the personality. While for Blondes there are cool pastel colors and metallic gold and silver including the ones which match with all type of colorings. Don’t try to dress up heavily, just make it simple and elegant look. Wear those accessories which don’t overwhelm instead just look elegant and should be noted.

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If you are trying to wear solid color dresses don’t go for the colorful jewelry as it would look awkward. If your garment have more ruffles, tiers and beading choose simpler accessories. There are some outfits which are particular for your age group as if you dress up in froufrou dress is not suitable for old women’s. You hair style is what matters mostly there are up-dos look for mature women.

Try for the store in which you have never shopped and you will find something interesting in that. Give your body experiment and innovative look. For men they usually wear formals. Wearing a tie bar with pocket square will help men look more enhanced. They can either wear tuxedos which are semi formal attire depending on particular person. Now a day’s three piece suits are looking fresh comeback in men’s trend.

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They have option for a black bow tie which would enhance their look. Don’t just mix and match, go according to the type of suit you have. Don’t choose lots of colors in your shirt or don’t try some funky look. You can try the type of single button black tuxedo with enhancement of black tie. Men’s short tuxedo jackets are in fashionable trend and can be seen easily on red carpet.

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