How to give an Erotic Foot Massage

Erotic massage is supposed to be a relaxing and sensual experience and there are many ways to ensure that it is just that. During this article we are going to concentrate on erotic foot massage. This “how to” is for people who want to give an erotic foot massage, so ladies please print this and give it to your partner for some light reading!

What you need

Some clean feet

Flavored massage oil


Pillows or cushions

A romantic setting

Naked bodies…optional

First things first, an erotic massage is intended to get you in the mood for optional extra’s once the massage is complete…if you make it that far! You will need to create a setting that is comfortable and relaxing and preferably light some candles for a soft and warm atmosphere. If you have a working fireplace, make use of it. Pillows and cushions are great to use for sitting and lying on if you don’t want to get oil all over your bed sheets.

So once you are ready we can begin
Step one:

Get your partner to lie on their back and sit next to them ensuring you have plenty of room to maneuver. Place the cushions under your partners’ neck and head and make sure they are completely comfortable and relaxed.
Step two:

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Take the flavored oil in one hand and squirt a small amount onto one hand and rub your hands together coating both your hands fully in oil. Next take a small amount of oil and squeeze some onto your partners feet and gently rub the oil in.
Step three – the massage:

Place one hand on your partners sole and the other on the ankle. Gently smooth the oil across the foot and use your thumb to gently press into the sole of their foot. Continue this backward and forward motion for some time, looking into your partners eyes.

Next take your partners toes and slowly and gently rub the oil around each toe ensuring complete oil coverage. If there are any dry spots then simply get some more oil. The idea is to keep the foot oily to keep the massage movements soft and steady.

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Use your fingers to gently press and massage the soles of the feet.

Once your partner is completely relaxed you can begin the erotic stages of the massage.

Move so you are comfortably able to use your hands and mouth on your partner’s feet. Slowly trace your tongue across the front of your partner’s feet and use your hands at the same time to massage the soles.

Experiment and don’t be afraid to suck the toes. This can be extremely sensual for a lot of people and has even been known as the mini oral technique.

Continue using your hands and feet as you concentrate on using motions that are sexy and sensual. Try to imagine having sex while you are doing this as it will send sensitive motions into your hands and tongue as you massage your partner.

If you like you can move up the ankle and towards the calf of the leg to give an all over tingle to your partners senses.
Step four:

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If you wish to continue the massage then go ahead but most of you by now will probably want to move onto more exciting things. Why not slowly move your hands up your partner’s body, still massaging, such foreplay can really excite you both and the anticipation of the slow sensual movements will be sure to ignite both your passion and sexual senses.

If you have gone further than an erotic massage then finishing will be up to you! However, if you are still massaging, the end of a massage is one of the most important parts. You need to make sure you leave your partner relaxed, i.e. don’t just stop. Gently ease your movements and lighten your touches as you begin to slow down.

Then a great thing to do is just lie next to each other and cuddle for an hour or so. Both of you will be relaxed and calm after the quiet of massaging and will ideally be ready to have a nap.
This is great for just a romantic night.

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