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What do we common people need to do to get the same outrage from Senators, the press, and other elected officials that the Veterans of America have rightfully received over the Veterans Administration Healthcare System scandal?  With the passage of ObamaCare, and Justice Robert’s re-write of the law allowing the federal government to dictate that citizens purchase a government approved product, we have become conscripts in the ObamaCare healthcare system.

The disastrous rollout of the Exchanges pales in comparison to the 6 million Americans who lost the insurance they had chosen, but the headlines of the day touted the 7.2 million Americans enrolled through the Exchanges. Never mind that 75% were those who previously had insurance and 79% qualified for subsidies, marking a shift from private sector support to taxpayer support. Adding insult to injury, the government now tells us one million people may not really have qualified but they don’t have the capability to verify and match subsidy to policy. Where are the Senate floor speeches, the op-ed pieces from officials?

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The alarming peek behind the curtain of operations in the VA system is a sneak preview of barriers to personalized healthcare awaiting the rest of us once we’re all on the HealthCare.gov government franchise insurance products. As ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emmanuel so succinctly phrased it, “You can kiss your old insurance goodbye.�?

And what do these new products look like? A patient of mine is the administrator for a large ENT practice who has researched the Exchange options. He reported that the subsidized plans are largely HMO’s with limited physician and hospital access and average payment rates to providers 30% lower than Medicare. This is supported by the statement of the executive vice president of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California who was quoted as saying that they dropped 40% of their providers because they would not accept the lower rates of the Exchange products.

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The end result with full implementation will be a two tiered system much like the VA. Those who can afford to go outside the system will, and those who cannot will be like the veterans waiting in line. As we have seen, delays in services are irritating for routine care but potentially fatal if you are ill.

Senator John McCain, in his May 24, 2014 WSJ op-ed piece entitled, “The Scandal That Shadows Memorial Day�? characterized the President’s response to the VA scandal as “treating this as a political problem to be managed, not a national crisis to be solved.�? He further states, “Veterans have earned the right to choose where and when they get their medical care, and it is our responsibility to afford them this option. Continuing to require that they rely on a system riddled with dysfunction, while waiting for broader reform, is patently unacceptable.�? Amen.

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Haven’t we seen enough of ObamaCare and its delays to make the same statements regarding patients and physicians who now are reduced to pawns on the political-insurance-bureaucratic ObamaCare chess board?  This predictable disaster can be stopped by flipping the Senate majority this November and demanding a halt to further implementation until after the 2016 presidential election. It is becoming increasingly obvious that repeal and replace is the road to affording all Americans, including our veterans, “the right to choose where and when�? and from whom we get our medical care.

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