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Before this year, loving my body meant feeling good in my body
when I was healthy (i.e. not ill)
when I could fit into my clothes
when I wasn’t stuffed past the point of fullnesss
when I ate “healthily” and stopped before it turned into a binge

when I ran or did yoga

Now, I love my body
when I’m awake
when I’m in pain
when I don’t feel well
when I haven’t moved a muscle intentionally in over a month
when I eat, no matter what the food

when I can’t fit into the pair of jeans I wore last week

If I’m going to say I love my body, that probably means I’m going to want to love my body unconditionally.

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Not just when I feel good (in the era of pre-tuning-into-my-own-feelings-as-someone-with-an-ED, also known as “thin”, that insidiously deceptive and meaningless word).

Not just when the shoe– er, the shirt– fits.

Not just when I have the ability and privilege of moving my body and sweating.

See the difference?

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