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Because I have yet to take an adequate photo of a burrito, here’s a pretty picture of Sandy Eggo instead.

Today’s my last 24 hours as a Sandy Eggan, so I wanted to share with you the two biggest compliments I’ve received (or remember receiving– both of these occurred in the past two months) in my time here, and also sneak in some altruistic promotion of two of my favorite places to eat in this not-always-sunny beach town.


I was sitting across from Yohanna. I don’t remember if it was the time after I ate an entire burrito first (from the place mentioned in the next bullet!), or the first time. Either way, as I ate my umpteenth slice of vegan pizza, she looked at me and said:

You look like you enjoy what you eat so much.

Watching you eat makes me want to enjoy my food, too.

I paused, mid-chew.

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I felt so grateful to receive a compliment like that.

And I told her so.


I walked into Vallarta’s– my favorite Mexican place ever. (And considering San Diego has like five billion, that’s saying something.) I don’t remember the first time I went there and tried their veggie burrito, which is remarkably vegan-friendly and delicious (it beats all the self-touting “veg*n-friendly” Mexican places in San Diego, let me tell you that), but I do remember walking in there on Halloween with red underwear on the outside of my leggings and Tim in tow, dressed in make-up and a dress as Snow White.

“Nice underwear,” the cashier commented.

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The cashiers and cooks both stared at Tim, probably laughing lightheartedly at the both of us– a self-made superhero and a cross-dressing princess.

This time, I walked in– again with Tim– and the same cashier, upon seeing me enter, smiled, turned, and told his friend to his side:

“She’s the girl I was talking about!

She doesn’t want a [styrofoam] plate or anything..”

To be recognized for my avoidance of the styrofoam/plastic use rampant in Mexican places in San Diego, as I carry out, balancing gingerly on nothing but paper a huge amount of guacamole-smeared chips, is an honor.

* If you are in San Diego and you do go to Vallarta’s (which, uh, you totally should), get the veggie burrito, no-cheese-or-sour-cream, yes guacamole, and pinto beans if you prefer them over black. (Which, I eventually learned to.)

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Maybe tell them that the girl in the red underwear sent you. See if that’ll get a laugh.

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