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I feel crazy-honored to be tagged by David Cain of Raptitude (whom I interviewed recently– check it out!) for this blog meme.

The premise? Tagged blogger digs up 7 of their posts that fit the following categories, and then tag five people. Here are my picks– let me know if you have a different nomination for these categories. I’d love to see what you think!

1. Most Beautiful Post

Haven’t written it yet 😉

But really: You have to be strong enough to be weak. When I started remembering how to be vulnerable and admitted to myself (and you) that I’m not perfect, either… and that’s okay.

2. Most Popular Post

A three-way tie:

How to Love Yourself More and Be Happier Right Now, in which I poured everything I knew about learning to love yourself up to that point in one post. (We go way, way more in-depth in Love, You, the e-course, if you’re interested ;)…)

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Why “You Lost Weight” is NOT a Compliment– the title says it all. 🙂

What Loving Yourself Really Means, my musings on what loving yourself is really about– not just feeling good about yourself, but expressing your love and respect in your actions.

Ironically (or fittingly?), the runner-up for this category is also…

3. Most Controversial Post

Losing Weight Won’t Change Your Life. Enough said. I got wank for this for months after I posted it, from people who probably never even read a blog before, and from people who just didn’t get what I really meant.

Best comment from this post?

dj pauly:
umm yea this is the dumbest list i have ever heard in my entinre life.

[…] fuck this post

4. Most Helpful Post

Again, How to Love Yourself More and Be Happier Right Now.

I don’t write too many how-to posts, but I did pour all I knew about using less plastic in The Easiest Steps You Can Take Towards a Plastic-Free Life.

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There’s also (the somewhat surprisingly popular) How to be Grateful for an Uncontrollable, Stuff-Yourself-Until-You’re-Sick Binge, along with The 6 Secrets to Bouncing Back After a Binge.

And I rewrote my original how-to post on mindful, healthy, sane eating into Nourish Yourself.

5. A Post Whose Success Surprised Me

A 9-line post that ended up stumbled thousands of times, IT’S OKAY! 🙂 comes to mind.

How to be Grateful for an Uncontrollable, Stuff-Yourself-Until-You’re-Sick Binge is another one that was stumbled to my surprise…

…but the most surprising one was You have to be strong enough to be weak. I wrote the post in a feeling of sorrow and stuckness, then left the house because I didn’t want to see how people would respond. Of course, you all were wonderful.

6. A Post I Feel Didn’t Get the Attention It Deserved

All it takes to defeat fear, a long, honest story about my own fear. Then again, I’m probably transitioning that type of writing to another medium…

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Also, What I Talk About When I Talk About Dieting, which I wrote in a flurry of inspiration and aliveness.

7. The Post I Am Most Proud Of

Hrm. Still haven’t written that one yet, either ;)…

Really though, as of this moment I’d have to say Losing Weight Won’t Change Your Life. It encapsulated a huge chunk of what I believe re: body image, and I’m glad it pushed the buttons it did.

Who shall I tag now?


Go for it and link to your post in the comments!

And once again, let me know if you feel differently about any of my choices and want to nominate your other favorite posts… 🙂

Happy weekend!

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