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My neighbor of 16(!) years sent this to me. Though we don’t actually live across the street from each other anymore– no longer do even our families– I still love him very much. Thanks for the inspiration, Khôi.

I haven’t been so touched by a video since Everybody’s Free… to Wear Sunscreen!

Speaking of places I’ve gone…

I had an amazing week in Texas. Austin and Houston, you were good to me. (Didn’t make it down to Galveston, the Texan city of my high school dreams, but I’ll get there one day…) Big thanks to Michelle of Let’s Radiate and Bombchelle for housing me in Austin and feeding me chocolate and kombucha(!).

  Get Informed or Get in Line

And tremendous and endless love for a girl I’ve loved for seven years and never got to meet until now, Ngoc Alice Le, for being fucking fantastic and all-around beautiful and amazing (and for painting me!). You’re my favorite part of Houston, and I’ll proclaim that to the world.

(And happy birthday Ned! I love you. Thanks for being there for me all these years. )

Since February 8th, I’ve gone from Montréal to San Francisco to San Diego to Los Angeles to New York City to Austin to Houston and back (to NYC).

I am so happy and grateful to be alive.

  YOU DESERVE BETTER. : cynosure : love + inspiration by sui solitaire

More is in store. You’ll see, soon.

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