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The only time you can catch me without paper and pen

is when I’m on the way to yoga.

Sometimes, though, I still get those lightning flashes of ideas in my mind, and usually the only available space to write is found on the backs of old receipts.

Yesterday, I scrawled this down in a hurry between red lights:

Self-love is a practice, not an effortless state of being.

and drew a bunch of circles with these words inside:

Maitri (Sanskrit: loving-kindness and unconditional friendship towards oneself)

It’s easy to say self-love is a journey, just as everything– happiness, life, blah blah blah is a journey. But that doesn’t really tell us what it means or what we have to do to actually progress on our paths.

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Loving ourselves is a practice, just like happiness is a practice. It’s something we have to do (and remind ourselves to do) every single day. It’s something that we’re not meant to get perfectly. It’s something that we keep on coming back to, moment after moment, for our own well-being and sanity.

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