Special Tips on Long Hair Care

For a few people, long hair could sometimes be a nuisance to take care of. For others that are used to it, long hairs are fun to have, as they know how to take care of them properly. Here are a few special tips on how to take care of your long hair.

We will start with the basic part of every hair care, brushing and combing the hair. If your hair have a smooth cuticle, it would be very easy for your comb and brush to glide through your hair and thus eliminating those unwanted tangles. There are also a few leave-in conditioners and detanglers such as the Infusium 23. It helps you by going through your entire hair shaft and corrects the damage in your long hair. Do not be shocked if you lose 50 – 100 hairs a day, as it is normal for someone that has a long hair. You should also try and get brushes, which are made from boars or other natural resources but none, that are made from synthetic or petroleum materials. Another suitable type of combs is a handmade comb. These combs could be quite expensive but it is much safer to be used for your long hair.

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You should not shampoo your hair too much as they are one of the biggest cause to hair damage and not shampooing your hair could not be a possible solution either. The hair is most vulnerable in wet conditions and the rough massages that you give to your hair would cause your hair to break. The best way to do it properly is to rub your scalp gently in a circular manner with the ball of your finger. Should you use a comb, make sure you use one that has a large tooth.

Sun is also a major element that has a potential to cause hair damage. The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun would break down all the proteins in your hair and could then cause severe dryness and you would have a hard time managing your hair. It would then result in those unwanted split ends. It is recommended that you wear a hat whenever you go out or if possible, use a hair care product, which has SPF in it.

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There are also a lot of nutritious diets to make your hair healthy and strong. These are a diet, which contains Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C and E, and also zinc. A lot of fruits and vegetables create a well-balanced diet. Omega 3 and 6 also helps your hair growth and oils from salmons also contribute to a healthy hair.

You should also know that by perming, or coloring your hair, you are actually destroying your hair as the side effect of these two actions weakens your hair making it dry and unhealthy.

Through this article, it is hoped that you would get enough knowledge for you to take care of your beautiful hair. Take in mind that your hair is your sign of beauty and how much you care for it is how much you care for your own beauty.

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