the best of cynosure in 2011 : cynosure : love + inspiration by sui solitaire

  1. I designed and shipped the YOU DESERVE BETTER poster (currently unavailable due to my being out of the country!)
  2. I decided to make my Big Fat Dream of making this work my livelihood come true
  3. I organized an art raffle with fellow bloggers and photographers and together we raised $250 for Japan disaster relief!
  4. I created the Nourish Yourself guide and workbook (get on the list to get the guide for free)
  5. I collaborated with other love warriors around the web to create Means, the free e-book
  6. I worked with Karina Dresses, a body-loving independent dress company, to organize a giveaway of one of their awesome dresses
  7. I created and launched , a 6-week e-course guiding warriors to more happiness and self-love
  8. I completely revamped this digital space and let go of posts that weren’t as honest as I’d liked, and I continue to refine it to this day
  9. I began to sink more deeply into vulnerability, honesty, and imperfection in my writing
  10. I began writing The Letter, sharing my most personal epiphanies and awakenings
  11. I launched Nourishing, a three-month exploration into a loving relationship with eating and food
  12. I celebrated cynosure‘s second birthday
  13. I published to the blog daily for three months as an experiment and then let that go
  14. I began sharing more intimately to the newsletter
  15. I created and shipped Gratia, a book and 30-day e-course
  16. I was interviewed by a bunch of awesome people and wrote some kick-ass guess posts elsewhere
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(For some of what I did off cynosure in 2011, see this post.)

here were some of your favorite posts in 2011

Cheers to an awesome 2012!

Let’s make the world end.

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