the time to love your body is now. not tomorrow, not tuesday. now.

It seems that there’s a myth that’s being spread, propagated everywhere you can see. People repeat it on their blogs, in daily conversations, to each other, because they don’t want to believe that the opposite is true– that it is possible. And this time, it’s not just the myth about all the things we think we have to do in order to be happy, healthy, awesome.

I’m talking about the myth that we, as human beings, can never, should never, & will never be completely satisfied with our bodies. That to love & accept & celebrate our bodies for how they are now, not how we think we will shape them to be in the future, is impossible, or only at the very least probable for the people we think look flawless (but are possibly just as dissatisfied with their looks as anyone else is). That we might even love our thighs or hips or chest or biceps or shoulders, but we’ll still continue to dislike some other part of ourselves, and that that is practically mandatory.

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The truth is that we confuse flawless with perfect. Nobody is flawless– but we are all perfect. Yes, you read that right. Perfect. This moment, this me, this you, is the only way it ever can be in this present– perfect. Everything in its right place.

The truth is that we can love & accept our bodies while still having goals (for health, fitness, strength, enjoyment of food/physical fun, whatever). The truth is that we can stop “striving” and start arriving. The truth is that we can stop focusing on the future and start living in the present now. The truth is that in the light of this present moment, the future doesn’t even exist.

The truth is that we can realize that the only moment we will ever have is now, and unless we start respecting & taking care of ourselves now, we might as well never will.

No matter how much you may have liked or disliked yourself or your body in the past. No matter how you felt yesterday. No matter what you ate for breakfast. No matter if you once believed you had to look like the 5% of the world (that still might be unhappy with themselves or have image issues) that media presents to us. No matter.

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The time to start loving, respecting, & taking care of yourself is now.

This is the only moment you have. You can still want to achieve something, but you won’t get very far until you accept that you have what you have right now.

You only have this one moment to be satisfied with yourself, no matter what you look like. If you choose to be dissatisfied now, when will you ever stop?

I’m not going to pretend that it won’t be hard to love yourself, especially if you’ve spent most of your life doing just the opposite. It’s hard. It takes constant awareness, listening to your body & your heart & your mind, mindfulness, and strength. It takes daily struggles and fighting all the negative messages we’ve been socialized to believe and a whole lot of emotional and mental mojo. It takes guts and resilience and the courage to fight against what we believe society expects. But it gets easier once you just take that tiny first step. Trust me. It really does.

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I myself am still learning, still growing… always. I love my body, every bit– but I’m on a constant journey, and every day I love my body more. You know the quote “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”? That applies to so many different brands of contentment, peace, joy.

“There is no way to recovery… recovery is the way.”
“There is no way to loving yourself… loving yourself is the way.”
“There is no way to learn to love your body… learning to love your body is the way.”

Of course it won’t be easy.

But it will always be so much better than the alternative: always contemplating yourself and thinking “I’ll be happy with myself/my life/my body tomorrow“, never realizing that tomorrow never really arrives.

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