the thing about thin : body image, eating disorders, resistance + what really matters

from the intro:

This book is about body image, eating disorders, and resistance.
Most importantly, this book is about letting go of the bullshit so you can do what really matters.

There are no bullet points in this book. There are no easy answers.
There is just a whole lot of bullshit to let go of– bullshit we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves and our bodies.

This book is not just for people who have gone through the darkness of an eating disorder or had the unfortunate experience of hating their bodies.

This book is for anyone who’s ever felt like they weren’t good enough.
This book is for anyone who’s ever felt like their body was “wrong” in some way.

This book is for you.

There is a deep-rooted and pernicious lie within our culture that hating our bodies enough to shrink ourselves– most especially if we are women– is the most laudable achievement. That making ourselves small is to be applauded and rewarded, and allowing ourselves to be powerful as we are in the bodies we already have is not.

The cake isn’t a lie. The promises of weight loss are.

This book is about letting go of all the fucking lies and waking up to the light of the truth.

This book isn’t just about body image or eating disorders. It’s about the factory of deceit that the inadequacy industries have spun out of our fears and pain as human beings, no matter what size we are.

  how to hang in there when things get tough

It’s about the widespread lies of “not good enough” instilled into all of our spirits to profit off our humanity.

Within a few hours of the book’s release, I received this email from a reader:

“Dear Sui,

I’ve just finished your book. Impossibly, and yet perfectly so, it contained everything that I desperately needed to hear. I will read it again, and again, and again.

Thank you for being an inspiration, and for having the courage to share your beautiful light with all of us.

I admire you more than I can say.

With deepest gratitude,

♥ Jane Ellen,

This is the most important work of my life so far.
Thank you for being here, being you– and inspiring my work.

82 pages of inspiration, revolution, and bullshit-free
in one ruthlessly honest e-book.



“‘The Thing about Thin,’ [Sui’s] recently released e-book, is a simply perfect piece of writing, an incisive self-examination with universal applications, that explores the how and why of self-help. Her starting point is breathtakingly honest: self-help, self-love, and self-care are not ends in themselves.

…despite [the] specific examples, the book’s scope is far larger. While the reference point here is to body image and curing self-hate as expressed against our bodies, the teachings in this book could apply to anyone at all who has stifled the size of their inner self, whether through drinking, drugs, toxic relationships, zoneing out on the world… all of them forms of spiritual anaesthesia that prevents you (or me) from truly LIVING.

It’s a deeply nourishing, soul-feeding book that explores how we resist ourselves from fear, and how that fear becomes an internalised limit on what we can feel and how we can be. It explores, without giving answers, but while inspiring countless ideas and avenues of where to go now. How to change, things to try, what to do.

And all for the right reasons; not to end up cosy in a self-loving bubble at the end of it, but to enable us to be strong enough to send that life and light back out into the world. The personal as deeply political, and deeply spiritual.

I can’t recommend this enough… If you don’t buy it for yourself, buy it as a gift for those you love. They will thank you a thousand times over.”

♥ Lauren Piko,


“It’s brilliant. It burns with a raw honesty. It inspires with a burning passion.

It is, to quote the author, fucking liberating. And it is about more than eating disorders.”

♥ Amelia J. Wells,\


“Sui says this book is her question, but it’s also an answer to a number of other questions, including, and most interestingly to me– what does our obsession with altering our bodies mean for our lives, and why is it essential that we reject the pursuit of the better body? She recounts her own history and progression of thought around body image and food, and asks us to push our own thinking on those topics beyond the cliches and well-meaning but static conversations of the mainstream media.

There is a refreshing and powerful clarity at the core of this book, at the core of Sui’s narration and convictions.

It is good and much-needed medicine.”

♥ Holly Orr,


The thing about ‘The Thing about Thin’ is that it’s a heart-wrenching– yet inspirational– experience to read. As someone who’s battled with disordered eating in the past– despite never having been diagnosed with an official eating disorder– I recognised myself in so much of what Sui’s written. I recognised the pain and the frustration and the shame around body image. I recognised the epiphany that most of my eating difficulties had NOTHING to do with eating. I recognised the two-steps-forward-one-step-back pattern that recovery all too often follows.

But ‘The Thing about Thin’ goes deeper than any book on eating disorders and recovery I’ve ever read before. It doesn’t just stop with learning to accept yourself as you are and feel good about being you again. It goes there, sure, but then it keepsgoing– right through to what really matters. It acknowledges that there’s a damn good reason we all need to wake up and love ourselves– regardless of whether we see ourselves as fat, thin or anything in between.

The thing about ‘The Thing about Thin’ is that regardless of your relationship to food and dieting, it might well change your life to read.”

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