Tips to Help Clean Up After Pets

Anyone who has ever had a furry little creature in their home knows that not only do these adorable pets make for a great companion; they also make a lot of messes! Not only is there hair to clean up after but there are also food dishes, occasional accidents, and paw prints on the floor, and the odor to take care of. But just because they make a mess sometimes doesn’t mean that we have to do away with pets forever. There are some very easy tips and tricks that can be done to help clean up after these lovable animals!

Prevention is the first step in cleaning anything and this is just as true when we are cleaning up after our pets. To prevent too much of a mess from showing up due to your pet, keep your pet as clean as you can. Bathing and brushing pets on a regular basis will not only help control the amount of hair and dander that is around the house but will also cut back on the odor that is caused by pets. When brushing your pets, do so outside to minimize the hair from flying around the house.

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When trying to get pet hair out of carpets, use a vacuum that has a strong beater brush or brush roll. The standard vacuums don’t suck up hard enough to get the hair out of carpets generally. There are a number of ways to remove pet hair from your upholstery. You can use a pet rake that is a brush with crimped nylon bristles or you can use a lint brush. A tape roll also works very well and if you don’t have an actual roller, you can twist the tape around your hair with the sticky part facing outward.

To help with urine stains, especially on carpet, soak the entire area with a wet cloth. Then mix one quart of water with one tablespoon of vinegar. Clean the area with a sponge and the vinegar solution. Follow this process with a pet bacteria/enzyme digester, which can be found in most pet stores. This will completely get rid of the stain and the odor, even when the owners can no longer see or smell the stain. It’s important to completely get rid of it as pet’s noses are far more sensitive than humans’. Because of this, a pet will return to the same spot next time and will further add to the stain.

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When using a digester, be sure to use enough to saturate the area. Read the label to see how long the digester needs to be left on and don’t remove it until it is time. Digesters take a long time to work. Once the digester has been placed on the stain, cover it with plastic wrap and step on the wrap a few times to make sure that the area has been evenly covered. Keep the plastic wrap on the digester to make sure that it won’t dry out.

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