Water – The Real Fountain Of Youth

Water is the universal liquid. But how important is it really to life? Very important if you consider all the things it does inside your body like maintaining your internal temperature, you blood is mainly water, and helping to keep your bodies pH in check are just a few of the thousands of functions water performs in your body. We’ve all heard the spiel about drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day, but how many of us do? I know I don’t, I consciously kept track of my regular water consumption for the last three days I get maybe an average of three or four glasses of water. That’s half of what I should be getting, and I know that my sister is worse; she’s lucky to get two glasses of water in.

But seriously I know I’d rather have juice, or tea in place of water…and I know for some they replace water with coffee. I’m off the coffee; it was getting to become an addiction. But that’s beside the point, how many people drink enough water?

I guess now is the point where the benefits of drinking enough water should be revealed. So here it goes…

    1. Keeps your body functioning properly and in top form; ALL of you’re the functions your body performs requires water, and well it just can’t perform the way it should without the stuff. The more water, the better it’ll perform.
    2. Helps keep your skin clear of acne and nasty blemishes; again this goes into the functionality of the body.
    3. Increases your metabolism; if your body functions better that means the digestion of fats, carbs, and all other cellulite inducing foods will get better. With those being digested better, less fat and cellulite will end up in your thighs.
    4. Helps to curb hunger; when you’re hungry there’s really no avoiding it, but if you feel just a little hunger sometimes a little water is all you need to tide you over between meals.

So if water does all these things, why are we still not getting enough? Personally it’s because water has no taste. I like things with lots of flavor, which explains my love of curry chicken. Sometimes it’s because when we’re thirsty water just isn’t there for you, or it’s more expensive to buy at the coffee shop than a coffee.

Whatever the reason, I don’t know anyone who drinks enough water and I intend to make a conscious effort at doing so. My point to this entire thing…drink more water because it’s great for you, not just good but yes it’s great, and because the better your body performs the better you feel about yourself.

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