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You deserve better. You know you do, don’t you? You deserve better than you’re allowing yourself.

You deserve clothes that don’t just “fit right” but hug every inch of your body with adoration and loves your shape and makes you feel confident and wonderful.

You deserve to not just go after your dreams, but SPRINT after them with passion and inspiration.

You deserve to soar.

You deserve to feel great no matter what your circumstances are. You deserve to feel great all. the. damn. time. And you deserve to make the CHOICE to feel great.

You deserve to pursue your passions and live a life doing what makes your heart dance.

You deserve to dance however you want to, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

You deserve to forget what anyone else thinks about you at any time and just DO IT.

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You deserve to wake up and feel gratitude and excitement for the new day you’ve been blessed with.

You deserve to take at least FIVE minutes to yourself every day to just relax. Sit. Do nothing. Breathe. Live. Be.

You deserve to realize your own unique perfection.

You deserve to eat and savor food that makes your mouth and tastebuds and heart and stomach and body sing with pleasure and energy.

You deserve a GREAT night’s sleep, EVERY night.

You deserve the very best people in your life who love you for who you are and want you to be the very best YOU.

You deserve to give yourself a break once in a while. Or all the time.

You deserve to play, sing, laugh, run around and throw leaves at your friends, go down slides and sit on the swings without restraint or thought.

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You deserve to be honest about yourself.

You deserve to express yourself exactly how you want to express yourself.

You deserve to forgive yourself.

You deserve to let it go.

You deserve to love your body, celebrate the amazing wonder of every single cell and limb, revel in the fact that it works however it works.

You deserve to embrace yourself and tell yourself how much you love YOU.

You deserve to throw out your scale and start realizing your real beauty.

You deserve to love what you have and have what you love.

You deserve to realize that life doesn’t start tomorrow and it didn’t start yesterday but it is HERE and only HERE, NOW. You deserve to live in the moment and love THIS. VERY. PRESENT.

You deserve to give yourself the most love, trust, respect, and honor… from yourself.

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You deserve to smile for no reason.

You deserve to be good to yourself. No, you deserve better; You deserve to be WONDERFUL to yourself. You deserve to treat yourself with infinite, unconditional compassion and kindness.

You deserve to take yourself out on a date.

You deserve to live a bigger life. Even bigger than the one you’re dreaming of.

You deserve the very best, in this moment, right now.

So go get ‘em, tiger.

And refuse to settle for anything less. Ever.

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